Born: July 1971, London, England.

Simon started messing around with the rhythm guitar at the age of 16. After a couple of months he swapped it for a bass guitar so that he could join a band his school friends had formed. Another rhythm guitar was obtained soon after so that he could continue to practise his 6-string skills. He also started to dabble on the piano and began writing his own songs. That band went through many name changes (The Boys Next Door, She Said She Said & The Spangles were just a few) before they finally settled with 'The Wilsons'. The music was always contemporary guitar pop but it was easy to see that their love of the groups of the 60's (especially The Beatles, The Who, The Stones & The Small Faces) influenced the way they wrote & played. A few of his songs made it onto The Wilsons' set list but on the whole his early attempts at songwriting were not up to the same standard as those written by other members of the group. The Wilsons played gigs in London & the south of England, including a couple of Mod Rallies and 60's events.

After The Wilsons (1992), he made several attempts to set up bands with other local musicians but it never worked out. This was around the time that home computers had become powerful enough to use as home recording studios. He decided to put his efforts into writing and recording his own material, playing all of the instrumental parts and singing all of the vocals. You can listen to some of his recordings on the Music page.

In 2004, Simon had his first single released Worldwide via the iTunes Store, joined over time by other songs with plenty more to follow.


It’s Christmas - (Released: 13th December 2011)

Time Isn’t Kind - (Released: 10th December 2011)

(It’s Not) The End Of The World - (Released: 9th November 2011)

Student Life - (Released: 3rd March 2008)

My Lucky Day - (Released: 8th October 2007)

Wasn't It You? - (Released: 1st July 2007)

It's Too Late - (Released: 19th October 2004)